How do I connect to ThaiTax?

You can log-in using your Xero account on app.thaitax.co or Xero App Marketplace

Can I see the data of several Xero organisations in ThaiTax?

Yes, you can switch from one Xero organization to another within your ThaiTax account

Do I need to record transactions in both systems?

No, you can book in either system, transactions will be synced in real time between ThaiTax and Xero.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time.

Historical data will be synced when you sign-up to ThaiTax. Afterwards, data of the current accounting period will automatically sync with Xero (both ways), and you will have the option to manually sync historical data again in case you have updated any previous periods records.

Can ThaiTax handle different tax points for the provisions of services & sales of goods?

Yes, ThaiTax is specifically designed to isolate undue VAT (input & output) from tax liability.

Can ThaiTax support different tax rates?

Yes, ThaiTax supports multiple VAT rates and all withholding tax rates following the various categories of services.

Is there a limitation of the number of users per account?

No, you can have an unlimited number of users, as long as all have access to the related Xero account