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Xero users can now generate withholding tax certificates, VAT reports and monthly returns in compliance with the Thai revenue code. ThaiTax and Xero synchronize in real time.


ThaiTax enables Thailand based businesses to safeguard their tax compliance with local regulations.

Withholding tax certificate

Generate invoices & tax invoices and issue withholding tax certificates as required by the Thai Tax Revenue Code.

Monthly VAT reports

Generate monthly VAT reports as required by the Thai Revenue Code and auditors.

Transactions vouchers

Generate transactions vouchers for all types of transactions booked in ThaiTax and Xero in the format required by the Revenue Department.

Manual Journal entries

Manual Journal can be booked in ThaiTax, withholding tax and VAT will be allocated to corresponding vendors/customers and undue/due taxes populated in tax reports.

Real time data sync with Xero

Update accounting records indifferently in ThaiTax or Xero and transactions will be automatically updated in both systems in real time.

Tax filling

Populate electronic monthly tax submission files to be uploaded to the Revenue Department online portal for monthly tax filings.

Invoices & Bills

Create sales invoices, vendors bills, tax invoices and receipts.

Record, View, Export. No duplicated work with Xero

Users can update data indifferently in either ThaiTax or Xero (invoices, bills, manual journals, contacts information, chart of accounts, tracking categories) and generate VAT reports & monthly returns in compliance with the Thai revenue code, as well as issue withholding tax certificates and generate transactions vouchers.

Example app
ThaiTax and Xero

Xero plug-in generating tax reports in compliance with Thailand tax regulations

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